Friday, September 17, 2010

Ken Christopher Hill Artworks

Ken Hill is an incredible artist I discovered in 2005.  He happened to live next door to me at the time and we became good friends quickly.  Many nights we spent in the window of his 4th floor apartment drinking beer and peering out at life on Broadway in Washington Heights.

His works use several different mediums including charcoal, watercolor, acrylic and his favorite, pen and ink.  Ken has a great eye for details and his visions capture even the most casual observer.  Never settling for the mundane, his works are sometimes natural, sometimes fanciful and sometimes dark and disturbing.  He never fails to capture the viewers attention whether it be with an idea, technique or use of color.

Three Women


Cascadilla Gorge; Ithaca, New York
 Uterine Dreams

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dreamcloth: The Launch

Startup brand Dreamcloth is looking to place themselves in the elite class of "streetwear" brands.  They aren't just pushing t-shirts either.  They have an impressive line of cut & sew pieces and they even previewed some of their raw denim.  If last nights launch party is any indication of how successful they will be, I'd say they are well on their way.

For me, one of the keys to success is understanding that you can't do it alone.  The team at Dreamcloth is very clear on this and enlisted sponsors Vice magazine, Dime magazine, Fila and others to help support the launch.  Chance 11 in Brooklyn was the choice venue and it's sleek and modern styling and clever lighting was the perfect compliment to the brands image.

DJ Novacaine

Hit up the Dreamcloth website to check out more tees from the Summer 2010 collection and be on the lookout for cut & sew releases in the near future.  You can trust to keep you posted as things develop.  Support independents!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Game Rebellion "Rebel" Video Shoot

The rebels are working on their second music video and we were lucky enough to be at the video recording session at Complete Music Studios in Brooklyn.  Compiling footage for "Rebel", the band treated fans to a mini concert while they worked.  What made it even better was when they had to repeat songs in their entirety so we got a double dose of mosh pit, crowd surfing, confetti cannon, vocal cord stripping goodness.  The 1,200 square foot space was turned into a romper room for a day.
Normally, when I'm out covering an event I just work.  This time, I had to put my camera down for a while and just rock out.  I was in the mosh pit letting loose.  I was on the stage kicking my Afro-Punk Chuck Taylors to the sky.  I was sweating.  I was having a good time.

Check out these photos:





More Photos...

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Turn It Up Boys 3rd Annual Salute BBQ

Turn It Up Boys and Rose Noire put it down heavy for 914 yesterday at Glen Island Park in New Rochelle.  They couldn't have picked a better place!  Location is everything and this park was the perfect compliment to the energy at the event.  This was their 3rd annual Salute BBQ in memory of the tragedy of September 11th, 2001.

The Triangle Offense (DJ G-Wiz, DJ Astro and DJ Ampz) kept the platters busy and the crowd got to enjoy the last of warm weather overlooking the water. Definitely check them out on Twitter and tune in to Turn It Up Radio, 94.1 FM every Wednesday 8-10 pm.

The turnout was crazy and were it not for the park closing on us, the party would have gone until the early morning.  There was good conversation, good food, cards, dice and the deadliest Nutcrackers you've ever had in your life, courtesy of Louie F. Wavy.  I was supposed to go cover an event in Brooklyn yesterday but after having one of Louie's drinks, it was a wrap.

A heartfelt shoutout to everyone that I met yesterday and a special thank you to the homie Kink B of Turn It Up Boys for the invite.  I had a great time.  Check some of the faces in the crowd below and then jump over to my flickr account for the full set.