Tuesday, May 1, 2012

D-Why - "We Don't Know" Music Video

This Rap music thing is completely on it's head right now. Thinking back to the street roots and about how, why and for whom the music was created, it's interesting to hear the new direction the style has taken. While the sound is far from the break beats and scratches of yesterday, there are some things that just don't change. After all is said and done, Rap is still about rapping.

D-Why is serious about this rapping thing and I've been impressed with this style and delivery since I first heard him. Just released today is the official music video for "We Don't Know."  I would call it a crossover record but it's not really crossover when you're already on the other side. This is just a really dope rapper with his own lane.

When thinking about what Rap is and what it could be ... we just have to say "We Don't Know." Check this super clean video and song below and stay tuned into D-Why.