Friday, September 17, 2010

Ken Christopher Hill Artworks

Ken Hill is an incredible artist I discovered in 2005.  He happened to live next door to me at the time and we became good friends quickly.  Many nights we spent in the window of his 4th floor apartment drinking beer and peering out at life on Broadway in Washington Heights.

His works use several different mediums including charcoal, watercolor, acrylic and his favorite, pen and ink.  Ken has a great eye for details and his visions capture even the most casual observer.  Never settling for the mundane, his works are sometimes natural, sometimes fanciful and sometimes dark and disturbing.  He never fails to capture the viewers attention whether it be with an idea, technique or use of color.

Three Women


Cascadilla Gorge; Ithaca, New York
 Uterine Dreams

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Jo Genius said...

This dude is Ill. Ill be keeping an eye out.