Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dreamcloth: The Launch

Startup brand Dreamcloth is looking to place themselves in the elite class of "streetwear" brands.  They aren't just pushing t-shirts either.  They have an impressive line of cut & sew pieces and they even previewed some of their raw denim.  If last nights launch party is any indication of how successful they will be, I'd say they are well on their way.

For me, one of the keys to success is understanding that you can't do it alone.  The team at Dreamcloth is very clear on this and enlisted sponsors Vice magazine, Dime magazine, Fila and others to help support the launch.  Chance 11 in Brooklyn was the choice venue and it's sleek and modern styling and clever lighting was the perfect compliment to the brands image.

DJ Novacaine

Hit up the Dreamcloth website to check out more tees from the Summer 2010 collection and be on the lookout for cut & sew releases in the near future.  You can trust to keep you posted as things develop.  Support independents!

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