Thursday, February 14, 2013

Triple Threat - 'Swisher Sweethearts'

Triple Threat, aka Shezus Thrice, has done it again with her V-Day offering called 'Swisher Sweethearts.' This 9 song collection tells the story of Rob and Mia through their first "holla" to their infatuation with each other to their breakup over.... hot dogs.

It's done extremely well and while the stories are about love and heartbreak, it's all married to Triple's signature lo-fi and gritty sound. This girl has incredible lyrical ability! From the story telling to the complexity of the delivery and structure, she's got it all. On top of that, all but one of the tracks is self-produced. Triple Threat is the V-Day Swag Champ.

Love the stream. Love the free download.

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