Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Velous - "Larger Than Life" Music Video

When I first saw the making of teaser for "Larger Than Life" I was already all in on the track. Velous is an amazing musician and his production is off the damn charts. He's a multi-instrumentalist and he has real chops as a singer. Put that together with an impeccable ear for space, timing and what speaks to the ass and you have what you are about to hear.

Velous has been a hot topic on the blog scene. He's been featured everywhere and highly regarded as the next best thing on the R&B circuit. While there is a strong offering of male soloists in the mainstream right now, I think Velous is a serious contender. Much in the way that Ryan Leslie has his corner of the market, Velous is the same type of talent. He can do anything he wants to do.

This track is soooooo ridiculous, y'all. This dude is outta here...


Anonymous said...

This joint is def a go! Sheesh!

Rox Fontaine said...

Hell yeah it is!