Tuesday, March 19, 2013

YC the Cynic - "Hallelujah"

Since the release of 'Fall FWD', almost 2 years ago, fans of Bronx native YC the Cynic have been hearing a lot about his upcoming project called 'GNK.' He finally took to Kickstarter last year to get the project fully off the ground and was successful so now we have a window of "this summer."

To get listeners acclimated to his new sound and artistic direction he hit us with "Hallelujah" this morning through MTV Hive. The track showcases a more aggressive but no less witty and poetic YC the Cynic. This feels much more commercially viable for me and I'm glad to see and hear him evolve as an artist. The DJ Illanoiz produced track is simple and eerie so it's a great compliment to YC's complex rhyme structure and content. He doesn't need an overproduced track to carry him.

I'm very much looking forward to 'GNK' anyway but this joint definitely ups the anticipation. Check out the free stream and download below...

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