Friday, March 22, 2013

Chill Moody - "One Shot" feat. Beano Music Video

Pardon the late pass on this joint but it's too ill to not share. I found this track looking for new work from Beano and happened across this music video.

Chill Moody and Beano are underground staples in West Philly. While I haven't followed either artist closely, I've been aware of them for quite some time. The first time I heard Beano, I actually saw him perform live and I was impressed with his talent and ability.Obviously that stuck with me.

"One Shot" is one of two tracks that the two collaborated on for Chill's January release 'RFM' (Running From Myself). The first thing that will stand out to you is the storytelling. It almost seems as if the song was written specifically to shoot this video! Then you'll note (provided you're either 1. Old enough to remember. or 2. Well versed in the culture.) the influence and homage to Biz Markie's "Just a Friend." It's done brilliantly and gives me a great feeling.

Both Chill Moody and Beano killed this one! The whole experience is self explanatory so just hit the play button and love this record. Free stream and download of 'RFM' below the video. 

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