Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Moronika - "Make It Ash" Ep. 1 (The Coddett Project) Music Video

This is a departure from what you normally see here on the site, but change is good. If I decide to bring you something here you KNOW it's good.

Breaking on the webseries scene is newcomer Kerry Coddett with her sketch comedy collection that will tackle pranks, parodies and more. The show is appropriately called The Coddett Project. There are currently 2 episode 1s available on the site but, obviously, I'll be sticking to the music based joints.

The first up is Moronika and her "Make It Ash" music video. The fictional character, which may or may not be loosely based on a real life female rapper, has so much money to burn that she doesn't make it rain on heads... she makes it ASH! Even her dress is made out of money. Ballllllliiiiiin'!

Have fun with this joint! It's a great start to start your Wednesday. Look for new episodes every Tuesday!

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