Monday, April 22, 2013

Shane Eli - "Die Alone" Music Video

This will without a doubt be the best 4 minutes of your Monday. Meet Shane Eli. Cali based MC, producer, and songwriter among other things. While the other things are important to his backstory, for now, just sit with this new track and music video "Die Alone."

"Die Alone" is a truly standout work. The songwriting is fantastic, the groove is perfect, Jason Caesar is spot on on the hook and the video treatment and execution... flawless. Shane Eli is a shocker and I'm mad that I'm just learning about his music.

Embryo put together a gripping cinematic experience for the song that tells the story of a chance million dollar windfall, deception and murder. The track is pulled from the upcoming release 'Enough Love' which as of right now has no street date. (In the meantime check out previous releases here.)

You will LOVE this joint...

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