Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fjer - 'A New Start' EP

Meet Danish born singer Fjer. The singer, songwriter and producer recently relocated to New York, signed a deal with new imprint Quintic and released this 6 song EP, 'A New Start.' If you're one of those "this is my year" bots, you're already behind schedule. Fjer is puttin' in WORK.

The soul infused vocals of Fjer over bass heavy electro beats is like Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey. Very easy to digest but the content is no joke. From the opening note of "Long Nights" (my favorite track) she draws you in. She then has her way with your sensibilities and then finally drops you off in deep space on "Against the World." It's really dope music with great range.

The intro has a Bjork like feel and the title track "A New Start" is very Imogen Heap in approach but overall Fjer has solidly established herself as an individual. I'm looking forward to hearing a full on project and hearing how she marries her Danish roots to her new life here in America.

Free stream and name your price download of the EP below...

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