Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bad Rabbits - "Doin' It" Music Video

I always hear that the proverbial "they" don't make 'em like this anymore. Well, Bad Rabbits is proof that "they" do.

Taking inspiration from the sights of the 70's and sounds of the 80's the funk/soul/punk/rhythm and blues band Bad Rabbits gives another amazing song and visual called "Doin' It." The track is a grab from their full length album 'American Love' releasing May 14th.

It's an otherworldly mashup of melodies and harmonies that moves straight past your ears and makes a speedy detour down to your ass. These guys are really in their own lane and I LOVE IT! I haven't been this excited about a funk band since Mint Condition. Bad Rabbits are the next big deal.

Check out the video below and dust off your Cabbage Patch dance...

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