Monday, April 1, 2013

SK - "The Jab"

The jab. The single most important punch in boxing. You establish a strong jab and even if you don't have incredible knockout power, you can still win on points by beating your opponent with an effective jab. SK uses this analogy brilliantly to compare the art of Rap with boxing on "The Jab." The comparison works perfectly as both skills are bloodsport. If you want to win, you have to beat the next man.

In Rap, you have the chorus, verse and bridge. In boxing you have the hook, jab and uppercut. Follow me for a second with this in mind...

The chorus is the punch that hits you from the blind side. A repetitive punch that is effective but still not as important as the jab. You hit somebody with a strong chorus and they will remember it. The verse is the meat and potatoes of rhyming. If you can't put together quality verses time and time again, you can't be great. Ask any champion. Then there is the bridge. If you've mastered a complete combination, the bridge will take your attack to the next level and put your opponent on his ass.

SK puts on for Philly with this track. I'm ALL IN on this joint! Stream and download below.

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