Monday, April 1, 2013

Baiyu - "Cold Hearted"

Success isn't easy. It takes a largely selfish type of commitment that most people can't handle. Just think about the most successful people in any craft. They all were/are deeply committed to their craft. Whether it be art, or sports or fashion, the most successful of the bunch generally sacrifice many other things to give the proper time and energy to honing their skills.

Likely, the most challenging thing to balance with success is love. Relationships are difficult enough on their own but that difficulty is multiplied many times over when coupled with ambition. Love and success often become adversaries in competition for attention.

Baiyu tackles this theme in her new monthly release "Cold Hearted." Easily one of the most personable and genuine people I've ever met, Baiyu quips, "A lot of times people are intrigued by my lightheartedness despite everything I've been tasked and blessed with in life. At the same time, somehow I feel very closed in and hardened when it comes to love.

Check the stream and free download below. Happy Monday!

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