Monday, April 8, 2013

SK - "Somebody Tell 'Em"

The Philly beat bully SK is back already with another bar heavy joint called "Somebody Tell 'Em." No gimmicks at all here. Just stripped down grimey Hip-Hop.

Producer Pickee P was apparently trying to pop a speaker with this one. When the 808 hits it HITS! The vintage piano loop leaves the perfect amount of space for SK to talk that talk and let the world know that he's here. It gives me the image of a jook joint fight in the early 1900s. I'm talking throwing stools, smashing bottles and brandishing knives. I love the way SK blends old and new and keeps it all rugged.

For all of the tough talk in Rap on the radio, it SOUNDS like clouds and cushions. Props to SK for keeping that "straight no chase" alive and well. Free stream and download on deck. You know the drill...

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