Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Vanessa Elisha - 'Don't Go' EP

I've been chomping at the bit to hear this EP and it's finally here! Fresh off of Memorial Day weekend, Aussie soul singer Vanessa Elisha delivers her first EP 'Don't Go.' I've been saying I need to put all new music in my car and this EP is just the right push I needed to clear everything out.

Vanessa has already made a significant imprint on the indie R&B/Soul scene with her singles "Home to Me" and "Blur" and now has 3 more goodies to fill out her EP. She has a really great thing going with producer GXNXVS (genius) and 'Don't Go' is an extremely strong debut because of it. I always enjoy the contrast of hard and smooth and they have just that with GXNXVS' 808 laced tracks and Vanessa Elisha's soft and sensual vocals.

I can't wait to hear a proper album from this girl. She put her foot in this joint!

Grab the stream and download below...

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