Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bueller Da Don - "Gettin' Mine"

One of the things I most respect about Bueller Da Don's music is his work ethic. He's always trying to push his sound, try new things and make legitimate hit songs. That's the difference between pros and joes; understanding the work. I first heard this joint back in February but he put it on the back burner until it got a proper mix and master.

The track is here now and it sounds like radio. Buell switches up his delivery a little bit to compliment the "Trap" sound that producer Klint Beastwood hooked up yet still keeps his cadence. "Gettin' Mine" is par for the course as far as these types of songs go but the head nod is undeniable.

I think this joint is on the upcoming 'Cruise 2 Fame II' project but don't quote me on that. Check the stream and download below... It's DCG or nothing, babe!

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