Tuesday, May 14, 2013

F.Y.I. - "Clap Clap"

What do you get when you take an uptempo party song that lyrically warns of all the dangers involved in the party scene? You get F.Y.I.'s "Clap Clap." While this may sound counterproductive, it actually makes for intriguing work.

F.Y.I. is super nice with the pen. Really showcasing the poetry involved in writing raps, he puts together 3 verses that really play well over the driving "four to the floor" Afro-Cuban rhythm. He touches on street violence, sex and drugs and cleverly works them into a rapid fire delivery. It's so stylized that it's easy to miss the lyrics just listening to the flow. When you do tune in though, the content is strong.

This is a really creative and daring track. I mess wit' it heavy. Free stream and download below...

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