Tuesday, June 11, 2013

DA the Future - "So Clear" Music Video

DA the Future is one of my favorite indie artists working. I'm always hyped up when I get a notice that he dropped some new material. Clearly a rappers rapper, he keeps a great balance of street and book smarts apparent in his lyrics. He easily couples hard lyrics and aggressive delivery with the easy melodic piano line and strings.

The Long Island native hasn't dropped a track yet that didn't have me stopping to really take in the lyrics. "So Clear" is no exception. DA the Future is a serious writer and a prime example of expressing Hip-Hop as fine art. Everybody can't do what he does. Many artists talk about their connection to music but it's often just side talk. You can hear and feel it in the music that he SEES it first. These aren't just random strings of nonsense thrown together because they rhyme.

Check out the music video for "So Clear" and keep an eye and ear out for DA...

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