Thursday, April 18, 2013

KaliRaps - "Can I Live"

"Can I Live" is the first single from the mixtape "Who I Am" which hit the web just over a day ago. Obviously repping California, KaliRaps talks to his listeners about his personal truth as seen and experienced in his lifetime. He briefly touches on some socio-economic issues but primarily harps on his abilities being better than the rest.

KaliRaps is a talented MC. His style is easy to digest but I'm sitting here going through his catalog and it's clear that he has genuine range and lyrical skill. While "Who I Am" may be a bit dated in places it doesn't take much away from the project as a whole. This mixtape is pretty much a short history lesson on KaliRaps' career. Fans new and old alike should be looking forward to the upcoming debut album 'Mr. Misunderstood.'

Check the stream and free download below...

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