Monday, April 15, 2013

Tone M - "Insecurities"

I first met Tone M probably a year ago. As he is a bit of an introvert, we didn't talk much but he reached out to me later with a project of his called 'Konshu's Odyssey.' It was a respectable project but a bit too cryptic in it's presentation.

Some time later, we met again at a recording session in Brooklyn. After the session, Tone played the "Insecurities" instrumental on his laptop and spit the verses live for me. I was thoroughly impressed. It was a complete 180 from what I had heard from him before. He had stopped rapping at people and started rapping to them. I made a point to let him know to send me the track when it was ready.

Well, here it is! Tone M hit the nail on the head with "Insecurities" and demands that he be respected as a bona fide MC. The lo-fi Jazz sample is the perfect soundscape to his laid back flow and puts the listener in a dream space. This joint feels good in the bones.

Check the stream and download below and be on the lookout for Tone M in the future.

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