Sunday, October 23, 2011

Niko Villamor - 'Inertia'

First of all, happy (belated by the time you read this) birthday to Villa! In celebration of his born day, we finally receive 'Inertia.' The project is a freeze frame of a different time and space in Villas life. Listening to the music, you learn that it was a tumultuous time. From the dark opening of "Suicide Practice" to the melancholy "Kevlar Heart" to the final "Funeral Speech", Niko gives you pieces of himself set to perfectly complimentary sonic canvases.

The tone of the album is very quiet. It's equivalent to sneaking and reading someone's diary. It's extremely rare for an MC to get so personal without sounding broken or pathetic. This is honest music that showcases Niko's intelligence, heart and strength. The project is wholly cohesive and songs work together like a staircase. Each track takes you to another level. It's a truly impressive album.

Click below to download the album. It's a fantastic journey that you shouldn't miss.

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