Friday, December 9, 2011

D-Why - "Kate Upton is the Motto"

A lot of rappers are trying to be D-Why. He's just being who he is. Funny how that works out.

I enjoy D-Why's music. There's plenty of posturing and braggadocio just as any other rapper but D-Why is, for me, the equivalent to walking into a NYC bar full of "Hipsters" and tapping someone at random with a magical wand of rap mastery. The WVU grad is as legit as they come in both honesty and ability. That's just dope ... because it's different. Different without effort.

On "Kate Upton is the Motto" he gives a little mack game to the lady listeners over "I Save Strippers'" "The Motto" and then segues into a "freestyle" over the infectious "Rack City" instrumental. Check it out and enjoy.

D-WHY - "Kate Upton Is The Motto" by RoxFontaine

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