Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fev - Voted Most Likely to Succeed

The wait is over! Eastside Fev has finally put out another mixtape to hold us over until 'Propaganda'. I couldn't be happier as Fev is one of my favorite indy artists and this project release coincides with my birthday.

I was put on to Fev early in his career. Hearing him on this project, as well as the leaks up to this point, I can clearly hear the growth. This Fev is sharper, wittier and more aggressive. He's truly locked in to who he is as an artist. He's matured and it is made apparent on tracks like "Buddha & Grandz Musik", "So Tired" and "Friday Morning."

As usual, Fev put together a complete experience on #VMLS. I can only imagine what Propaganda will be. The leaks I've heard so far and the art direction have been phenomenal. Until we get an official date, I'll be rockin' out to #VMLS. Click the download link below and catch the Feva.

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