Saturday, November 19, 2011

Late Pass: Cocoa Sarai - "Raining in my Room" Audio

I hereby declare Cocoa Sarai the Queen of Indie R&B.  That is, until she gets a record deal. Then she'll be the heir to the throne. You can decide for yourself who's sitting on it now? Mary J. Blige? Alicia Keys? Chrisette Michele? It doesn't really matter because Cocoa is different from them, or anyone else for that matter. She's got her own thing.

With her latest release, "Raining in my Room", she again impresses with her incredible ear, range and lyricism. She's a total package. I've seen her perform on more than one occasion and she is a really dynamic performer. Her tiny frame can barely contain her huge stage presence and self awareness.

When I tell you this song is a HIT, I mean that if this song was sold to a major label artist, it would debut at #1. Cocoa is not a major label artist yet, but this song still debuted at #1. Number 1 in the hearts of her fans and supporters. She's such a gifted talent and it's just a matter of time before she gets her just due. Check the audio below. Enjoy! Your playlist just got a whole lot fresher...

01 Cocoa Sarai- Raining In My Room (Prod. Jayd) by legendfactceo

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