Friday, November 18, 2011

Bueller Da Don feat. Royce Castro - "Parachute" Audio

Cruise 2 Fame Friday is back for round two. This time Bueller brings along Royce Castro for "Parachute". The Klint Beast produced track takes me back to when Kanye's 'The College Dropout' released. Sped up soul samples were the mode and it was a relatively fun time for Hip-Hop. Then came auto-tune....

This track is almost a complete 180 from last weeks "I Get It." Not a bad thing considering Buell has shown regularly that he can do anything. He's obviously a fan of Hip-Hop and enjoys stretching himself as far as possible. This new leak is yet another score for Bueller and I'm convinced that 'Cruise 2 Fame' will be the business. Definitely check here for the full project on the 29th.

Click below for streaming audio. "Ahaaaaaaa!"

  Bueller Da Don feat. Royce Castro - "Parachute" by RoxFontaine

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