Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bueller Da Don & Sneakerbox Chock - "Audio Mall"

On my way to Brooklyn this morning, traffic was horrible. The advantage was I had time to run through Sneakerbox Chock and Beuller Da Don's "Audio Mall" advance about 3 times. The album will release on iTunes this coming Tuesday, September 13th. 

"Audio Mall" is 8 tracks of new music from the Jersey boys collectively known as The Running Mates. Standout tracks for me are "Food Court" and "Winning". Production is fantastic on all tracks, however. Lyrics were hit or miss for my tastes but flows were 100% on point, song structure was clean and the audio mall concept was adhered to perfectly which made the experience cohesive. 

Check out the audio below of the title track produced by Stretch Banguz. Be sure to snag the official release on iTunes! 

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