Wednesday, September 7, 2011

L.O.C.K. feat. J. Carter - "The City" Music Video

image via artists facebook

Adjectives to describe this video:

Filthy, nasty, disgusting, dirty, rugged and raw.

This is all very good in the 'hood. See, you can never forget about the streets. Not in Hip-Hop; though "urban" radio may suggest otherwise with it's incessant repetition of the same 5 glossed over, half-techno, emo Hip-Pop pseudo rap tunes. This is black boot fight music for soldiers of Ghetto, USA.

B-Radical of Umpire Films directs his own video as L.O.C.K. the MC. Yes, B-Radical is L.O.C.K. He brings on J. Carter for the assist and together they serve up fine malt lyrics that would make House of Pain jealous. This south jersey team is putting out high quality work in a hurry and heads need be aware early. Click below to watch and listen. Tighten your boots up first.

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