Friday, November 25, 2011

Bueller Da Don - "Post-Cards (Loaded)" and "Forgive Me"

It's Cruise 2 Fame Friday for the last time! The complete project will be releasing on Tuesday, November 29th. For the final installment you get a Black Friday BOGO deal. You don't actually have to buy anything though. 2 new tracks for your listening enjoyment.

The first of the two is "Post-Cards (Loaded)." Based on Sade's "War of the Hearts", Buell sends an audio postcard to detractors from the high side of the fly life. I don't have to tell you how slick this track is. It's got a Sade sample! The end.

The second track, "Forgive Me" features DCG affiliate Money Car$in. Both MCs drop bombs on this heavy rock/gothic feel track. Kudos to Money for kickin' his verse off with the perfect intro. I wish he would have delivered a little more of that initial cadence in the verse but it's stand out anyway. This track bangs heavy. After hearing all of the Cruise 2 Fame Friday releases, I'm all in for the full project. Buell has momentum on his side and he's constantly improving.

Stream both tracks below and check for the full project this coming Tuesday. You already know where to find it!

Bueller Da Don - "Post-cards" (Loaded) by RoxFontaine
Bueller Da Don - "Forgive Me" feat. Money Car$in by RoxFontaine

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