Saturday, August 6, 2011

Muhsinah - "Gone" Double EP

Every now and again I get to hear something that changes everything. Those close to me know that I'm a HUGE fan of Bjork's work. I consider her to be the greatest artistic talent of our age. The reason I bring that up is because I have never heard anyone that I'd compare to Bjork. I would compare Muhsinah to Bjork. She's still very unique and very different but if you know Bjork's work, then you'll understand how and why I say this.

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So who is Muhsinah? (pronounced Mu-see-nah) If I told you, it would result in the biggest run-on sentence you've ever seen in your life. Let's just simplify and say, "Di gyal do ev'ry ting, ya 'ear." Everything? "Ev'ry bloodclat ting!" This 6 song double EP is entirely written, produced, arranged, performed, recorded and mixed by Muhsinah herself; save some guitar playing on "Down to 1" and "Stop".

If you've never trusted a recommendation of mine before, NOW is the time to start. Download this immediately and everything will change. I promise.

Check out for more information and follow her on twitter: @Muhsinah


Diggame said...

Big ups on the Mushinah download bruh!

Rox Fontaine said...

It's incredible music. I'm just happy to be aware of it.