Tuesday, December 27, 2011

GhostWridah - 'The Michael Jordan Theory' EP

Timing is everything and GhostWridah has perfect timing. His latest FreEP is a 5 song masterpiece titled 'The Michael Jordan Theory.' Dade County's finest released the project on midnight of December 23rd. In conjunction with the biggest sneaker release of 2011 - The Air Jordan XI "Concord."

I don't know how long it took him to visualize, concept and craft this idea but he executed it flawlessly. Taking a page from Air Jordan's book of domination, Ghost is asserting himself in the industry as an equally unstoppable force. Where Mike soared over defenders on the basketball court, Ghost raps contenders under the table in the studio.

As soon as "The United Center Intro" kicks off, those of us who were fortunate enough to see Jordan play in his prime are whisked back to a much simpler time in our lives. A time when the latest video games only had 16-bit graphics and we had The Fun Police. "Fu-gee-la", "Elevators" and "Tha Crossroads" were hot on the radio. Tupac was still alive! The Chicago Bulls went 72-10. 1996 was the year specifically. It might have been the greatest year for ev'ry-blood-clat-ting.

GhostWridah is a professional.

He is in top form on TMJT and if he's Jordan, then producer Lowkey is Pippen. He's an animal in his own right, but he's the perfect musical compliment to the frontman. Production on this project is just ... stupid! As I've come to expect, Ghost completely destroys every verse on this project. He is a superstar on the cusp of a major breakthrough/breakout in music. He is literally one radio hit away. He has the flow, cadence, content and ear. He's one of a kind.

'The Michael Jordan Theory' is GhostWridah's first championship ring. 'American Alien' was an amazing release. This project raises the bar several notches with LESS material. I love concept projects and TMJT is perfect in every way.

Check the stream and download below and stay tuned to GhostWridah's career. Trust me, there will be lots of air....

P.S. What is that sample on "Black Super Hero" from? I've already ruled out Bulls vs. Blazers, Bulls vs. Lakers and Chaos in the Windy City.

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