Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Duped by Diddy

This summer I was puttin' my friends and family on to "Ciroc Obama".  A concoction of Ciroc Vodka, Chambord and Lemonade.  It's a damn good drink.  Every time I made it, it was a hit.  I'm not a vodka drinker normally, so I didn't think much about it when they said that it's a 5 times distilled grape based vodka.

I found out today that it is in fact an eau de vie which is fruit brandy!  What the hell?  By law, the bottle must distinctly notify the consumer that it's a brandy.  It does.  It's just marketed as a vodka because people pay more for vodka.  Cot zang.  I've been duped.  Oh, well it all intoxicates me just the same so I'm good.  Had no idea anyone could or WOULD do such a thing but you learn something new every day.  Of course, now I'm going to look at every bottle funny and question what I'm drinking. 

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sheron said...

Dam you Diddy and your hustlin ways!

Diddy's following in the footsteps of Sidney Frank. All that bastard had to do to sell his alcohol was double the price right before he went bankrupt! Research that....

Beastwood out!