Tuesday, January 5, 2010

10 Things You Do NOT Want to Hear in Tiger Woods' Sex Tape

Tiger Woods and his infidelity issues are still the hot topic across the internet.  Word on the wire now is that someone is shopping a sex tape of him shot 2 years ago.  Porn production company Vivid Entertainment was apparently approached with the tape and negotiations are open.  Aside from the comedy this whole fiasco is already, I thought about how funny it would be if Tiger's tape is full of horrible golf puns.  So here's my list of 10 things he better not have said while swinging his club.

1. Now this is a 9 iron, Baby.
2. Hole-in-one, Bitch!
3. Let me skeet on your fairway.
4. Can I put it in your bunker?
5. You're a good lay so my balls must be in a good lie.
6. Foooooore! *skeet*
7. Come on!  Give me a Mulligan! (After missing the hole.)
8. Let me show you my penalty stroke.
9. Hold that club like a caddie, Girl.
10. Yes, my balls are dimpled too.

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