Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Staten Island Yankees

A few weeks ago, a project just sort of landed in my lap.  I'm becoming more familiar with the people involved and they seem to want me to be an integral part of what is happening.  I can't get into too much detail as that would violate confidentiality agreements in place.

I was invited to a meeting this morning with the President of the Staten Island Yankees at their stadium.  It was my first time even hearing of this team let alone visiting their field.  I was really impressed with the look and location of the diamond.  The view from the luxury box where we met was absolutely perfect.  I could see the Statue of Liberty, downtown Manhattan and tons of cargo ships going up and down the river.

The meeting was a success and it looks like I will get to be a part of a really special event.  I didn't have time to take as many pics as I wanted to, but here are a couple I snapped while I had the chance with my cell phone.  The white structure on the left side of the first pic is a WTC Memorial.  The little dog statues in the second pic, I'm told, work better than any high tech gadgets available at keeping birds off of the field.  I got a real kick out of that little tidbit.  The LCD board in the rear wall was turned on for us so we could see how advertisements would roll.  That is not a static image.

I'll be heading back to the stadium sometime next week, so I'll definitely try to get better pics of the stadium at that time.


sheron said...
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sheron said...

I had a deal with these guys. They are actually owned by the Yankees. They also own the Trenton Thunder. I'm not to sure about the Newark bears though....

Beastwood out!

Rox Fontaine said...

Yeah, it's a really good organization. I got some real interesting info about and insight into their program.