Monday, January 4, 2010

I Got A Ticket

Way to kick off the day. I woke up this morning at 7:30. I was tired as hell so I decided to stay in my bed another half hour. Probably 10 minutes after I closed my eyes, my phone goes off. It's my wife messaging me. She says, "We got a ticket." I'm like, "What the hell? It's Monday." I'm thinking that the ticket was for an alternate side parking violation. That's when I'm made aware that the ticket was for an expired inspection sticker. Cot zang!

There should be some sort of notification when your inspection is about to expire. The sticker should change color or some shit. You should get a pre-recorded message phone call.....anything! Who the hell checks that sticker regularly? Obviously I don't. So I got a 60 dollar ticket to remind me. Hopefully I can get it wiped. I took my car in for an inspection immediately and the lady at the desk told me that if I show them the inspection receipt within 24 hours, they might cancel the ticket.

Here's hoping they give me a break. The inspection was only up last month. I should get some sort of grace period.


sheron said...
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sheron said...

Holla at the Chief! Your connected...

Beastwood out!