Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Aviary version 2.010

2010 is officially here! It's crazy how quickly it seems that 2009 flew by. I had a ton of ups and an equal number of downs but everything worked out in the long run. I didn't do the cheesy resolution thing but I did make a mental note to myself that I want to do a LOT more writing this year. As a result, I will be keeping up with my blog regularly and sharing more of my story with the world.

This blog was originally supposed to be a collaborative effort but that didn't work out as planned. So, I'm flying solo this year. Thus, The Aviary version 2.010. I hope to gain a few readers that find my experiences interesting enough to stop by my blog periodically to read, learn, share and comment. Here's to a new year, new opportunities and new outlooks.

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