Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This Is What It Sounds Like

They tell us to get over it. I say, "Watch this."


jcapo said...

That is really bad.. I'm surprised a fight didn't break out, freakin rednecks..

THEsolid85 said...

my brain just exploded.

DaiTime Japan said...

Wow! White people have a lot to get over (I know not all of you are like this so calm down. But claim the history of your race). You know I'm from Harrisburg PA, and as diverse as our capital city is, you can drive around the corner or to towns like that and it's damn there a "sundown town"! I was just talking to my best friend and her racist supervisor sent her to one of the most racist parts of PA-Perry County, on a run. She just sent me pics of a confederate flag lined street and the black lawn jockeys. She was just called a nigger by an old white man ("Oh look, there's a nigger." His exact words), that was just the other week, and it was across the river from Harrisburg in an area not known to be "as" racist. It upsets me that the white America holds so much anger towards an entire group of people they know nothing about, and they pass it down to their children. I'm so glad I'm not physically there during this election! America got it comin and it's gonna pay what it owes!"

DaiTime Japan said...

Hey-Right on time! I just got this in my inbox!

Thank you for claiming your race white man who made this video!