Sunday, July 13, 2008

Darkmane Just Might Be Right

Have you seen the commercials for the X Games on ESPN with this character Darkmane? Darkmane says, "Join my army and we will crush originality!" He also has a written decree. It reads as follows:

By Decree of Darkmane

I. Originality is for losers.
II. Originality is totally subjective.
III. I am more original than the X Games
IV. As such you should join my army.......

I realized today that he just might be right. Apparently, originality IS for losers. All of the cool kids look exactly like each other. From their saran wrap like "skinny" jeans to their neck warmers. (Yes, neck warmers. There has to be some purpose to them. I refuse to believe that people are wearing scarves in 85 degree weather just to be cool.) Everything supposedly original is a carbon copy of somebody else's style from some other time and place. Oh, don't forget the skateboard as accessory too. Pretty damn strange if you ask me.

(Side note: Why the **** does cool and hot mean the same thing in vernacular?)

Yeah, so instead of going on the bajillionth internet rant about people being retarded, I'll just say that I'm with Darkmane. "Originality" is for losers.


tomat3 said...

matching is overrated, too btw ;)

GL_Rayner said...

It's Lil Wayne's fault, lol. I think most of these kids today have been watching too much Fresh Prince knowing damn well they did not grow up in that era. Maybe I'm just ranting, I don't know.....

Stormster said...

I simply love this.

I was hoping someone or shall I say something would start this. Because I sure as hell was getting tired of it.

Mista Monsta said...

i agree with rayner, i dont understand how you can think your cool by living in the past

and not matching is becoming very overrated too

Whiterrice14 said...

Man I keep it first generation og. ;]
Watch soon trying not to be original is going to be the new cool.

ChicoFontaine said...

Man we've been saying this for years now! It's the era of the poster boy. Everyone looks like cookie cutters