Thursday, July 17, 2008

Do You Remember........?

Do you have an extremely short-term memory? Do you go by the name of Rox Fontaine? Do you constantly loose your cellular phone? Do you ask why I ask these questions? Well it might not save you from loosing your phone every month, but it might help your wife at Target from forgetting that small, but very important necessity that will devastate you in the event that you forget to buy it and not realize it until your get home.
Perpetual Kid has created To-Do-Tattoo's that will adhere to your skin to remind you of whatever it is that you may need. a pack of 12 will run you $4.00

OH, They are temporary BTW :)


Rox Fontaine said...

Maximum ownage.

ChicoFontaine said...

LMFAO!! You need those big time man.