Friday, July 18, 2008

I Should Be Watching The Dark Knight

Instead, I'm sitting at home blogging about not being able to watch it. How exciting. That's why The Joker is giving me the ultimate stoneface. Tickets were sold out everywhere and on top of that, such a late showing wasn't going to work today anyway. I have to chaperone my son's summer camp field trip tomorrow morning. Hopefully, I can catch it tomorrow but I fear tickets are sold out through the weekend. Until I can see this movie, I will be dreading every moment.

For those of you watching what I'm sure is the most incredibly action movie in the last 5 years; up yours.


ChicoFontaine said...

This movie was so good I'm going to blog about it soon as I come off of my Batman high

Akil M. (u'll understand) said...

absolutely 100 times better than any other superhero movie ever!