Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Nas Album Signing @ Virgin Megastore

There aren't too many people I can honestly say I'd wait 2 hours in line to see. However, when I first heard that Nas would be at the Virgin Megastore at Union Square on the release date of his highly anticipated album "Untitled" to do a little meet and greet with the fans, I knew how I would be spending my Tuesday afternoon. With my album and wristband securely in my hand bright and early at 9am, the anticipation steadily built throughout the day as I sat at my desk completely oblivious to the work I was supposed to be getting done. The signing would start at 5:00, and me being at the office until 5:30 already caused a problem in my plans. What better way to solve it than to just up and leave 20 minutes early...hell, they wouldn't know I was gone. Once I finally made it back down to Virgin, the line was already around the block filled to the gill and at this point it was already a few minutes after 6. I noticed they started giving out orange wristbands to the newer people who just purchased the album, and I thought to myself how much of a bitch it would be if I was going to be one of the many to be turned away eventually; even after I had waited at the door for Virgin to be open earlier in the day. Someone from security must have read my mind as I was then told everyone with a blue wristband was to jump line and head toward the front. A huge sigh of relief to me, and I was even closer to meeting one of the artists who has made such a huge impact on me throughout the years. Another hour passed and I was finally inside (and in an air conditioned room thank God), being just a few feet away from Nasir himself. My turn finally approached and I was finally able to thank him for his music, and tell him how much Hip Hop needs an album like "Untitled" right now in these days of ringtone rappers and one-hit TRL wonders. We ended our brief conversation with a dap and I walked away with an experience I won't soon forget. To be able to finally meet a person who has gotten you through some good and bad times equally, and to have them be as laid back and easy going with an ordinary person such as myself, even after signing hundreds upon hundreds before me, is something I'll be able to think back on from here on out.

"One Love".


GL_Rayner said...

I'm glad you were able to meet Nas throughout that whole ordeal.

Stormster said...

Well I have waited in line to see Janet. Two days to be exact. I didn't even know NAS was going to be signing or else I would have been there too. DAMN!

AG. said...

Wow Rox, what a story! I wish I would have spent my Tuesday in NYC with God's Son.

Rox Fontaine said...

Wasn't me, Brother. It was M Easy. I don't rock wit' Nas like that. lol

Shoot me.