Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Royce Castro - "So Many Scenes"

Fresh new music from the Lawnside lovechild Royce Castro titled, "So Many Scenes". This is an EARLY leak from The Gil Cobain Hendrix Experience. Umpire Entertainment's poster boy is releasing the project sometime in the very near future and the anticipation level is high. Royce has been making the rounds on the web as well as radio stations. Trust me when I say this MC is going to, seemingly, come out of nowhere.

Royce is piling on a ton of pressure with his discs title. Calling on the spirits of some of the greatest musicians popular music has ever known might seem like a counter productive move for an up and coming artist. On the flip side of the same coin, it may be a self realization and aspiration that Hip-Hop could really use right now. Time will tell where this young MC goes. I'll be on board for the entire ride.

Check out this exclusive and let me know what you think in the comments.

  Royce Castro - "Don't Call Me a Dreamer" by RoxFontaine

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