Monday, February 6, 2012

Soope - "MLK" Music Video

The visual you are about to witness is awe inspiring. I've been singing Soope's praises since I first heard him and he proves yet again with "MLK" that he is one of the most prolific independent artists working right now. The pairing of Soope and Director Nick Brazinsky is as dynamic a duo as any producer/rapper duo you can think of. The way Nick takes ideas and fleshes them out to compliment Soope's lyrics never ceases to amaze me. They work on a wavelength that takes the music to another level. If beats and rhymes are two dimensional, then Nick Brazinsky takes it to the third.

It's very rare that I feel so much from a rap song. I've grown with the culture and I've pretty much heard it all. Then come these rare moments where a true artist delivers an entirely singular experience. Soope has done that with "MLK."

This is power, prestige and presence. The difference between men and boys. It's a level of awareness that can only be gained through living and experiencing life through a deeper understanding. This could very well be the official sendoff of Soope's ship of success.

I am so proud to present to you the "MLK" video and the future of Hip-Hop. Mee-Meep!

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