Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cocoa Sarai - 'The Black & White'

Cocoa Sarai is a rock star. Bold. Fearless. Not just a recording artist but a true performing artist.

I couldn't quite put my finger on that up until a few weeks ago when Cocoa's manager made that distinction for me. I co-sponsored her album release party with Rocawear and Vibe Vixen and the night was aptly titled "The Cocoa Sarai Experience." You see, to know Cocoa is to experience Cocoa is to fall madly in love with Cocoa.

Her sophomore release 'The Black & White' is her middle finger to naysayers. Now more mature, more experienced and more creative, she has proven with this album that she can do anything she wants to do.

This album is nothing short of incredible! From the in-your-face intro, "The Black & White", to the power ballad "Live" at the album's close, Cocoa Sarai masterfully displays her fantastic songwriting abilities and jaw dropping vocal ability. Her tone and timbre will give you goosebumps.

The first single "Raining in my Room" was only scratching the surface of the depth and bredth of Cocoa's artistry. I won't get into a track by track synopsis of the album but works like"Memories 4 Suckers" and "One Second 2 Love" featuring triple threat Rich Lowe (rapper/singer/producer) will absolutely blow you away. "Live" and "Raining in my Room" tug at your heartstrings. The reworking of SWV's "Anything" featuring Fred the Godson, "Delete You" and "Criminal" cover the radio ready set. I thoroughly expect "Black & Blue" to be the breakout single though.

Cocoa and her production team did a phenomenal job on this project. They really captured the dynamics of Cocoa Sarai's talent and delivered a product that rivals anything in Pop and R&B right now. DEFINITELY spend the money for this album! You won't regret it. I expect this album to clean up at the next Underground Music Awards.

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