Thursday, January 12, 2012

Malynda Hale - "Borrowed Time"

What a pleasant surprise Malynda Hale is! When I opened the e-mail that contained Malynda's info, I had no idea what a treat I was in for. This So-Cal born singer has a mighty bright future ahead of her. After the first track I heard I thought, "She's dope. Different." After the second song I was talking to her manager. Sooo.... expect to see an interview with Ms. Hale late March.

For instant gratification's sake, check out "Borrowed Time" from her upcoming full-length release 'The Train Ride Home.'  On this mid-tempo Pop tune the singer tells a story of a girl who's feeling like she's only a second best replacement for an ex-girlfriend. It's fantastic songwriting by Lena Leon and Shawn Lopes and a great vocal performance from Malynda.

Check the stream below and definitely keep this artist in your mental Rolodex. We'll get into the detail of who she is in March. Stay tuned....

Correction: "Borrowed Time" is a demo song and will NOT be featured on the album.


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