Friday, January 13, 2012

Tia London - "Thinking 'Bout It" Music Video Premiere

Tia London is back with her second video from the critically acclaimed 'Love Junkie' album. Man, does she turn the heat up in this one! Sporting her signature hair style in a new blonde color, she drops smoky eyed and breathy bedroom vocals over another stellar Traxster production. "Thinking 'Bout It" is more than a follow up to "Nothing On You." This video is a one up.

If labels have any doubt whether Tia is ready for the big time or not, this video should dispel any such doubt. It's highly polished, radio ready and SEXY! Tia is proving that she can do anything she wants. Uptempo, downtempo, vocal, verbal ... you name it she's got it.

Breaking right here on is "Thinking 'Bout It." Pay attention. Tia's a pretty big deal.

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