Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bishop - 'Roses. Are. Red.' EP

The story of how I discovered this artist would make you chuckle. I'm not telling you the story though. Just know that I heard of him in passing, decided to check him out and really enjoyed what I heard. The 3 song EP 'Roses. Are. Red' was released in October of last year ... so yeah ... I'm late as all hell to the punch.

In any case, Bishop is relevant. Over 3 songs he gives us 3 different looks. On the lead off, "Poison Ivy Too", we get the indie rapper flavor du jour. The DJ Corbett produced track sounds like it came from a Curren$y session. This is all Bishop though. He even makes that very clear on the follow up track, "This is Me", where he shows he can hold a tune just as well as he can rhyme. I know what you're thinking! It's not Drake-In-A-Box. It actually sounds like Bishop might have penned the song for 50 Cent. He even sounds like 50 on the hook. I would like to have a heard a stronger 3rd offering though. "Rated eX" is on point lyrically but doesn't sound as polished as the first two tracks.

Bishop is producing some good music. I'm glad I decided to give him a listen. His flow is solid and lyricism is respectable. I'm definitely interested to hear more from him. What do I know though? You be the judge. Check the stream/free download below and let me know what you think in the comments.

Note: A 4th song, "Flight Delayed" was added after the post was live.

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