Monday, January 9, 2012

Niko Villamor - "Gratitude for Gratuity" feat. B. Rossi

I like what Niko Villamor is up to. I really enjoyed 'Inertia.' Well, it's still in my car actually. I was listening to it last night on my way back from Brooklyn. Anyway, this is the first new track to drop since the album's release. In it, Villa cautions those who would otherwise confuse "Gratitude for Gratuity."

This is a very different look from what listeners experienced on 'Inertia.' Where 'Inertia' was, "Here's my story. It's kinda sad. I'm not sad though." this song is more, "F you! Pay me." Featured on the track is B. Rossi, from Atlanta, who produced the track and supplied the extra verse. I gotta say, I love the unexpected melodic progression on this. You got that one off, Homie! All in all a dope track. Check the audio and free download below.

Niko Villamor - "Gratitude For Gratuity" feat. B. Rossi by RoxFontaine

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