Monday, January 14, 2013

Vanessa Elisha - "Blur"

I'm amazed at how music permeates the soul. It spreads from place to place and culture to culture taking on different shapes and sounds. I've listened to a lot of music in my lifetime and there is so much more to hear and explore. It's always a great feeling when something sneaks up on me from a place I didn't expect.

This is the case with "Blur" from Australian singer/songwriter Vanessa Elisha. Yes, AUSTRALIA! Listen, I know that everything is everywhere for the most part but still... The R&B game is like this in Aussie land?

Vanessa reminds me of Tynisha Keli who made her biggest splash in Japan singing songs seemingly tailor made for the US. I hope she makes the transition to stateside appeal. This girl is pretty damn dope and "Blur" is very current material. The production is spot on too. This is an instant download and burn to CD!

Stream/rip and video teaser below...

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