Monday, January 14, 2013

JF Brooks - "36 Hours" feat. Ghostwridah

A lot of people say they want it. They really believe they do. Though many believe it in their minds, they don't prove it with action. You see, it takes more than tweeting inspirational quotes and posting the "How Bad Do You Want It?" video on facebook.

JF Brooks says he wants it. He really believes it. He also proves it with action.

"36 Hours" is a sneak peak into the mind of a man with no plan B. He rhymes, "And my eyelids feeling heavier than my thighs is. My back cracks and my phone rings; that's my kids. Been in the booth so long, forgot where I live." Damn. That's work!

To add extra potency he enlists Miami MC Ghostwridah, who had a big 2012 full of critically acclaimed music. The two pair beautifully over the hypnotizing SpaceFace produced track. Lyrics are back in a big way and JF Brooks is bringing a fleet of them. Get into the free stream and download below...

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